Saturday, November 18, 2006

i am sooooooooo HAPPY!!! the best moment of my life!!!

oh my god oh my god!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!! I know this post is a little later...actually exactly one week after my wedding, but I still feel like it was just yesterday...yes i am still on cloud nine...i am still floating and i am soooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes i want the whole world to know how happy i am at this moment...yes moment like this, am listening to it now, over and over again... can still imagine when we were dancing on the stage to this song and the confetti and snow spray just enveloped my whole view...i felt like i was in heaven... heavenly..and so romantic... i will never forget this night 11/11/2006, the best night of my life!!! each time i listen to this song, i can really imagine the whole night's event all over again, with my best friends, my closest loved ones and relatives... all with me on that night, that is the best I can ask for :)

everyone enjoyed themselves on that night...from the young to the old!!! i am so glad that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did :) this was the best wedding ever, i must say it is a wedding party more than a dinner hahahah, i hardly ate man! was so busy walking around, cheers and drinking drinks made by my friends...god knows what they mixed, tasted awful!!! hahahah... but least i had my red wine, thanks to aunty doreen, she recommended the right wine from south africa, went well with the food, went well with everyone! there were beer and whisky... am glad everyone had their food and drinks! but i will never forget the egg game!!! had to put an egg up James's pants from one side and take it out from the other side without dropping it! hahaha you can imagine how fun it was for people to view this 'game' right? yes it was fun indeed... lots of laughter and panic from me as the egg got stuck a few times, had to unzip his pants and put my hands in to wriggle around for the egg! hahhahaha... thanks to clement :)

there were so many photos taken that night!!! i am still looking at the photos again and again, each time i view them, i smile to myself and see how beautiful my bridesmaids were...all like princesses, thanks girls for making my night so wonderful!!! u girls were the best, no one can replace u girls being my bridesmaids! i cant wait for the photographer to show me the photos and video taken that night... am so excited!!! when it is here, i will show them to u ok!!! deal? deal!!! hhahahha :p

i am also extremely happy with the KSL project done by S&L, they couldnt give me a better gift than that... it nearly brought me to tears.... (if not for the phone call) hahahha...i know u girls want to make me cry right... dont worry inside my heart, i was sooooo touched, words cant express the gratitude!!!!

the whole night on the wedding went on so well, thanks to kenneth as my MC! he was so funny! love the macarena dance game... was really caught by surprise how my sis managed to sabo me! wah lau eh... wanted to play a trick on others, instead i got it, hahah, but it was fun anyway :) and also my talented family members sang me songs i will never forget! so happening and fun!

here are some photos taken from my album, you girls can have a look again!! specially for you :)

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2 friends spoke up!:

Fann said...

Ya Ya ...I also enjoy so much on that night. You let me have a chance to be a back stage dancer.

Haha did you cook the egg???? That's really funny!! I laugh till I stomach pain :)

kristie said...

ya lor! No lah didnt cook the egg... left it at the suite, can let the cleaners cook it, extra delicious! hahhaha :p

u girls were great dancers, sooo glad you enjoyed yourselves too :)