Sunday, October 15, 2006

wedding is soon approaching, i'm getting soooooo nervous!

i am getting sooooooo nervous towards my wedding date, 4 days ago, it was exactly a month, now it is less than a month!!! i am excited, happy, nervous, excited, nervous...oh my god so many emotions at the same time!!! I just hope everything on that day would go smoothly and everyone will be happy! girls must help me achieve this dream ok, love ya!

just came home from a housewarming party, a friend's condo, small place but very cosy and nice, very near to where i stay. Had so much food till i am so full now! Drank some red wine too and was so happy happy hahahahha... played some ice-breaking games cos there were different groups of friends, was fun :) after drinking the red wine, was a little tipsy, so everything that was funny also laugh like hell lah hahahha...good feeling!!!

Well have the last minute wedding planning to do, confirming the guest attendance, calling up, emailing up friends/relatives whom I have invited to confirm if they are coming or not, makes it easier to plan no. of tables, and then flowers etc will come later :) many things to think about now, i am just sooooo excited, yipee it is coming soon!!!

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