Saturday, October 28, 2006

going there... yes genting again!

yes, i didnt expect to make another trip so soon to genting again!!! But yes we are going up there today, actually cos janice happened to have some complimentary tickets for tony orlando's concert! yeah!!! the popular singer with the hit song, 'tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree' and 'knock three times'! This was a hit song in the 70s, i wasn't even born yet! :p people around our ages wont know this singer existed at all, but so happened both me and janice love old songs so yes we are old once again tonight at the concert! hahhaha

and recently, guess what? I have been having nightmares abt my wedding!!! I think i am getting really really excited and nervous!!! In my dreams, things all go wrong, like the gown wasnt brought down to jb, things planned didnt go as planned!!! oh my god... i hope all will be fine! I am surprised by all these dreams...

just a day's trip up in genting as all rooms are fully booked till december, so packed man that place!

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