Thursday, September 28, 2006

O-K Day :)

Can you believe it...I am still unpacking since I moved into my home here....hehehheh it is of course LAZINESS plus lots of other things lah hehehehe... I finally get to use this lovely tea set from my best friends! Yeah... lovely in pink flowers, been waiting to use this, now after meals, I always make an effort to make a pot of tea for all to drink together after having our meals. Healthy huh? :) Recently, my grandparents also gave me a box of chinese tea from China! So all came in handy! I might be going down to JB again to finalise all the wedding stuffs. Really getting so excited!!! heheheh :)
Also, today I went to get a Pap Smear done! Yes, it was my first time, I thought it was going to be pain cos I always hear people say that they insert an instrument inside and scrape your cell tissue so that they can use that for tests. But you know what? It wasnt even pain AT ALL! I was lying down on the bed, and before I knew it, it was over! I asked the doctor, that's it? and she said YEAH! hahhaha... least my first experience was good, so I not scared of yearly pap smear tests from now on! hehehe... Pap smear tests are actually done on women around my age, it is good cos they get your cell tissue and send to the laboratory for tests on cancerous cells or any infections of the female organ... I will recommend u girls to go for it, it is good for you!

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

wow.. i'm suprise u r aware must do pap smear.. seldom got gals like to so concern... good good... and u make me felt not so afraid.. really cannot feel anything? so how's the outcome? everything ok?

kristie said...

women around our age must be careful and be aware of such stuffs! Like what I said, really no pain lah, only like something go in, sort of like a brush and she just turns it inside to sweep and get some 'cells' and out! Less than a minute! But of course it depends on the doctor too, if she/he is rough, then i dont know!!!

I will only know the results next wed, takes one week for the lab to churn out the results!