Friday, September 22, 2006

back home...

hey babes, you guys must be wondering, where the hell is this kristie ah?

hahahah.... well you wont believe it, been travelling up and down kl and jb these past few weeks! so difficult to access to internet lah, so never update my blog! I am so happy ur blogs have been updated, glad to know u girls are fine! hehehe... i imagine u girls with white tube dress would be lovely, or halter necks also nice. Dont worry, you girls will find it! :p

just got back home from jb this evening, was there for 12 days, came home straightaway cleaned the whole house! now so nice and clean :) washed my clothes too... going to prepare something to eat very soon! The circus will be in JB starting 3 October, that is why I went down to help out for a while :) will be busy preparing for my wedding the next few weeks!

love u so much and really cant wait to see u girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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