Thursday, August 10, 2006

photos from genting and dobby's birthday!

slow climb up to genting!
ok this was a sign taken on the way up to genting, every car was climbing...underpower hehhe including mine lah...only a super power engine can race up these slopes to genting :) as we climbed higher and higher, we switched off the aircon and wind down the windows, fresh air was so refreshing, free air con hehhehe! it is nice to get away once in a while to a cool place, away from the blazing sun and hustle and bustle of the city, it was indeed a refreshing change. when we reached genting, we went to eat something rightaway, was so hungry! ended up in a place called penang village inside theme park hotel. james had mee goreng and i had loh mee! not bad food, quick and fast then off we went to casino!

love the cool air up there

taken outside the theme park

the hardcore gamblers taken outside the casino! :p

and next we just celebrated dobby's birthday 3 days ago!, his birthday was on the 7th, he just turned 2 yrs old, and usually on his birthday, we treat him to vanilla ice cream! hehheeh...poor thing right, only once a year get to eat his fav treat!
he wasn't paying attention to anything or anyone around him, he had eyes and tongue for only his vanilla ice cream!
after relishing halfway, i guess his tongue felt too cold and numb, he got up to take a breath hahahah, that's his mummy holding him, so sayang him ah...

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