Sunday, August 13, 2006

durian affair and dresses and gowns!!!

yes i had an affair with durians, a really intimate one, i admit it :p hhehhehe and so did james and janice! hahahha...

we went to mcdonalds for dinner and after that we just had an extremely strong craving for durians...we went there and the guy recommended d24 durians which are the best and most pungent in smell and taste...yes the really thick fleshy yellow ones....mmmmmmmmmmmm popularly from segamat, popular for durians! just take a look at the photos... :)

also just came back from cinema, we just watched the movie Lakehouse, starring sandra bullock and keanu reeves, she's got such pretty eyes....dying to have her lashes hahahha... great movie to watch...thumbs up!

also today we went scouting around for bridal studios to take our wedding photo shoot! we scouted around bridal shops near our home, around sunway area and finally selected one! Quite reasonable price and they were having promotions, and we really liked the style of photography looking at the photos taken in the studio. For a really good bargain, there are countless stuffs thrown into the package! and also i never hesitated to ask for freebies along the way heheh... (*smart kristie, pat on the head*) the package includes a couple of albums and photos framed with nice photo frames and a selection of 7 dresses (wedding, evening and costume).

anyway we have scheduled the fitting and selection of gowns etc on next next tuesday 22/8, and 23/8 will be the photo shoot!!! We chose to do all the photo shoots in one day, both indoor and outdoor! They have selected very nice parks for outdoor and indoor will be done in the studio. For the costume, we will select the chinese one which is good enough, we are after all Chinese! Dont want to waste my time on the kimonos and korean costumes. That can be done separately, a solo makeover or something :)

I figured it will be a long and tiring day on the photo shoot but i prefer everything to be done within a day! hehhee i can't wait...i am SO EXCITED! also got a free facial voucher from the bridal studio, maybe will do it after the photo shoot lah, dont want unsightly spots and blemishes during the once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot!!!!!

and on this coming tuesday, i will be going to jb, to go finalise location for wedding dinner, will keep u guys updated! and after selecting the location, we will come back to do photo shoot! i dont think i have time to go to singapore so maybe after the photo shoot is done, I will go to singapore!

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Janice said...

Yalah...myself, james and kitty kou really dug into those creamy, fleshy, aromatic durians like nobody's business man! I even pricked my left middle finger in my enthusiasm to reach for the last unopened one :( But no matter... (an expansive wave of my hand) a small price to pay for such a delicious treat! I shudder to think that half an hour before that, we just had ourselves a McD's value meal each! Oh oh... Well anyway, fats can be lost and happiness ( & happy cravings) should be entertained without a moment's hesitation! Heehee :) Enough chatting for now... feel a hot-air durian "balloon" rising up from the pit of my stomach... & through the oesophagus...anddddd BUUURRRRPPP. Si beh contented.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lau Eh, feeling the after effect of the durian now!! Atomic bomb landed in Subang.... +(oo)+
......Ah Meow

kristie said...

janice & ah meow- I must totally agree with the after-effect of eating durians, the house smells different from gases out of the front and out of the back! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee