Tuesday, August 1, 2006

do I smell birthday cake?

yes! This month marks a few birthdays of some very closed loves ones and friends! August august...ogos! Firstly, my darling James birthday falls on the 5th, coincidentally one of my good friends, suzhen also was born on 5th august! hehhe... and my darling sista- 21st... no concrete plan as yet, just want them to enjoy their birthdays as much as they can and let their hairs down! after august, comes sept, and my mum's birthday is on 4th and oct 29th is my dad's! he may be throwing a birthday party at the circus on his birthday, that's abt 2 months' time, maybe we will make a trip there to join the celebration. Overall, happy birthday to anyone celebrating their birthdays this month! Cheers and stay young!

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