Friday, August 11, 2006

baking success!

yesterday i baked a banana cake! yes and i baked not just a normal one, i baked a banana walnut and raisins cake! My favourite is always with lots of walnuts and raisins. And you know what? It is also my first time using a microwave oven to bake a cake! I have always been skeptical about using a microwave oven to bake cakes, always preferred the conventional oven which we used during home econs in sec school. Really missed those days man!!! So anyway i proceeded with the creaming and the folding of flour and then into the oven! it took about 25 mins to completely bake through and a satay stick to come out clean! and it was one of the loveliest banana cake I have ever tasted....yum..not praising myself, but everyone who tasted it loved it! :p

in the microwave oven....baking!

came out perfectly browned on all sides!

see the walnuts and the raisins? ooooohhhhhh

And also we had a guest yesterday, a friend from kuching, we had dinner at asia cafe, we ordered everything they had under the sun... from chee cheong fun, ikan bakar, bamboo shell (seafood), rojak, oyster omelette, octopus ball (japanese), kim chi soup, pig intestine black pepper soup...wah shiok right!!! and after that invited my friend, edwin to our home to have a coffee and banana cake! hehhee.

got some free passes to movies from janice, click and lady in the water! any cinemas, anytime as long as the show is still showing! cos janice is working in astro, she has constantly free tickets, freebies so sometimes i get it too if i am lucky! hehhehe just watched breakup starring jennifer aniston and vince vaughn at home on dvd, ok movie, nice to watch and sob at times hehhe... but i must say it is not a typical hollywood movie where couples must end up together happily ever after, there was a slight twist and it was indeed a refreshing change! tomorrow we are using the click movie passes to watch it since it is the weekend and everyone is free! hope it will be a good movie, muaks love u guys!

2 friends spoke up!:

Anonymous said...

yea...gave my sister and James tickets to premiere movie shows to kill time basically...but dont bug me for tickets cos i do not get them CONSTANTLY! even then..the tickets are exclusive! hehe :) lurrrrve having them with me... gives the subang house a "cosy nook" feeling its members deserve! :) ttfn, ciao!

kristie said...

hahhaa i always strive my best to give the house the best cosy feel ever! happy to be home too :)

*by the way it is janice's comments here :)