Wednesday, August 2, 2006

baking of my long-lost hobby, now re-lived!

since I am not working at the moment and am pretty free, I decided to bake again! yes, i love baking, all sorts of stuffs, i just thoroughly enjoyed those home econ lessons in sec school, remember girls? :) so off I went to realise my dreams...

Last night after coming back from carrefour, by the way I went there to get some backing stuffs ingredients and decided to make cheesecake! and since I had 3 lemons unused in the fridge, decided to make lemon cheesecake... made it last night as it tastes better when it is kept overnight in the fridge! after all the whisking and creaming etc, i grated a chocolate bar on top for deco as well as extra taste! so it is sourish-tangy lemon plus a tinge of chocolate! yumyum...

this is the cheesecake left in the fridge overnight...mmm

yes 1/4 of the cake is missing, I ate it! heheheh self-confession leh, where to find?

and yesterday we bought a dustbin from one of the hardware stores, and because we still have no car, we asked the store lady to deliver it to our house, which is actually about 5 mins drive. and when she arrived and delivered the dustbin, james and I grinned to ourselves, she delivered it in a mercedez! hehehhe... so we were joking to ourselves, wah...not bad ah, buy dustbin also got mercedez special delivery! by the way, why we had to buy one MORE was cos the old bin's cover got stolen by someone, dont know who is that u can see, we requested for them to help us to drill the cover to the bin with a chain, and james our handyman proceeded to paint the dustbin with our hse number, this will prevent further petty thefts!!! so annoying.

mr. handyman @ work

ta-da! our new dustbin for no. 54!

since I will be pretty free at the moment until I get to do something concrete, I will make an extra effort to update my blog daily so you guys will know what this girl's been up to!

also, good news! our car loan's been approved already, really cant wait for it! just a little repair work and it should be ok for collection around this thurs, yipee yeah!

2 friends spoke up!:

ah meow said...

Now I know who ate the 1/4 cheese cake!!

kristie said...

yeah and at this present moment, the other 3/4 is also gone! hahahhaha *slurp*