Thursday, July 27, 2006

ok updates updates all at once now!

ok been really scooping all things together to update u guys once and for all :)

ok came back to kl on 11th July, almost 2 weeks already back here! Been looking for a 2nd hand car as new car values depreciates too fast these days, not worth it! James and I have been scouting around so many places for a good reliable car, we went car shopping heheh... test driving so many cars to feel its energy, its reliability and so many other factors to consider when u get a 2nd hand car. and finally we decided with a continental car vs. japanese cars, malaysian cars were out of our list! (sorry to say that...but i dont think the car will service me for as long as i service the loan!) :p and continental cars are way better in terms of safety as it is built more solid. Japanese cars like honda and toyota are stylish in designs but their body is 'soft'. Just look at car accidents, japanese cars will get smashed real bad whereas continental cars will get slight dents and scratches the most. So we opted for continental cars. Although maintenance may be on the higher side occasionally. We finally chose the renault scenic! Isnt it a beauty? We liked it because of its spaciousness, its storage space, very good for keeping it long term. Next time when we have a child, can put more stuffs, very good for family car and a good MPV!

the previous owner was an expatriate, very well maintained car. Like new inside, year 2000, 1.6 litre engine. Good for running around in the city and long distance driving as well! look at the spaciousness of the car for passengers as well as for luggages etc. I liked the hyundai matrix and after i saw this, it was a much better option!

wanted to upload more photos but something is wrong with its upload tool. Anyway, here are some! And now we are waiting for the loan to be approved before we can get the impatient already!!!!!!!!! we really need a car in kl to run around, no car can die MRT here u know, got KTM train lah but not as accessible as mrt! anyway, i am waiting...waiting...!

also, since we came back we have been so called accessoring our bedroom, janice moved out of the master bedroom to a smaller room for me, how sweet right this mei2. how to find? hehehe. added mirrors to make room look spacious, added shelves, so there were lots of drilling and hammering heheh! so fun! Went to ikea to look around and got a few things which were DIY, that is why all the drilling... but it was lots of fun and worth every bit of it :)

and since we came back, we have been cooking everyday, so nice to be in ur own home, lovely feeling. Cook for janice to eat, makes sure she eats well hahaha. last night we went for karaoke, was fun, long time didnt do it already, sang our lungs out!

and tonight janice gave us 2 free movie passes to watch the dragon tiger gate, some chinese action packed movie, ok ciao, will update u guys more!

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

So wht car u got in the end? matrix or renault? renault will be a better choice la. if u r talking abt japanese car body is soft.. korean car is even worse!
looking at the fuel effiency side.. japanese car still out shine the rest. :-)
really feel like going KL to view ur hse.. but i'll wait patiently for u to come SG with james. hahaha.. take care!

kristie said...

hey wen...we finally chose the renault scenic, more towards safety and durability!

I am coming soon...coming coming!