Thursday, June 29, 2006

sayonara and hello!

as u guys already know, I will be leaving the circus very soon and heading back to kl! my first and foremost priority is definitely to organise my wedding then it will take a huge load off my chest heheh... then after that we plan to settle down and start a family! :p........ (u girls happy for me? hehhee) just thought it is about time, what u girls think? i've been wanting to have my own child but with the current lifestyle in the circus, it is almost impossible lah, so that is why we are heading back to kl! we'll go to singapore as well to see my best friends that i've missed the last few months. will email u guys on my flight details back to kl, when i will be back there and my itenerary after that!

packed all my stuffs and appointed a forwarder to send my things back to subang house. almost 12- 15 cartons of stuffs! hehhehheh....james and i were joking that only one box belongs to him, the rest are mine! wau...even i am dumbfounded :p

ok then miss u girls lots, take good care of urselves which i know u will, see u soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 friends spoke up!:

Fann said...

oh why not start your family in Singapore ???? Good ideal right with so many cute auntie around to take care of your kids...opps its should be Jie Jie ...hahah

kristie said...

hahhahah very funny, we will keep that in mind! james, what do you think of the idea? good or not? hehehhe... :p

-mel- said...

Wahh, finally back to update, did ya get my sms that day? So am i gonna get another niece or nephew in 9 months time? haha..

kristie said...

hi mel, yup i got ur sms, sorry didnt reply. So busy settling down in kl, a whole new life again!