Monday, May 8, 2006

hola i am back!

i think it has been more than 3 months huh since I last posted on my bloggie...oh no, can hear all the swears in my head hahah...dont throw tomatoes at me pls!!!!!!!!

I cant be summarising all of what happened in the last 3 months as there are just too many things... take it as the past and will just tell in our chats when we meet again! we will talk abt recent stuffs ok, as far as I can remember. Update: I am now in kuching, east malaysia, circus started here 15 April, finising 14 may, next sunday! And after this, we are off to sibu, another town in east malaysia, we will be going by express boat which can seat up to 300 people! not bad huh? actually i just came back from sibu, sat the express boat to and fro, very comfortable journey, more than a bus or car! you can walk around the boat, go out to the deck and enjoy the wind or just sleep inside the aircon surroundings, watch movie (there have a big tv in front playing movies frm the past), you can go to the toilet anytime, no need to stop the driver! how convenient right? :) show in sibu starts 26 may 2006. Therefore, i just came back from there, went there for about 6 days, applying for permits, show permit, telephone lines, water application, look for ticket agents, promo partners etc. At the same time, enjoy good food!!! The food in sibu is really good, for u girls who love to eat, you will definitely like the cooking here.

And i am most happy for jessie, she just gave birth to a baby boy, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really so excited for her, she has been keeping me in suspense on the gender of the baby! Now i know hehhehe, it is a baby boy! I cant wait to have my own too hheheheh :p

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