Tuesday, January 3, 2006

urs truly's birthday...new year's eve party!

hey guys, another post to start the new year with a big huge BASH! yeah!

well just before new year was meeeee birthday hheheh... had a simple quiet celebration with just my family. James was really sweet, he bought me a bouquet of lovely pink roses, my favourite colour! it was gorgeous. He hid the bouquet under the comforters on the bed, just before i slept, i lifted it up and saw the flowers there...and also a potpourri in a heart-shaped, so sweeeeeettttt!!! he really is the best husband anyone could ever have, really an angel sent from heaven to my heart! and also my mum was another sweet one, she bought an ice cream birthday cake for me, yes you can imagine how delicious it was? yeah it was indeed yummy, even my dad who dont really take sweet stuffs, loved it totally!

Fudge and Chocolate Crunch between layers of Chocolate and Vanilla Reduced fat Ice Cream!

birthday card from my mum and dad

a lovely photo frame from my mum!

and then it was the new year's eve party that we had in the circus, it was not a big party, my dad just bought lots of finger foods, and lots of drinks too...it was dancing dancing the night away! we played with fireworks and firecrackers too towards the countdown, it was fun :) the fellowship with the artistes and the rest was wonderful! here are some pictures of the fireworks that night!

Happy new year everyone, love u guys tooooo much! :)

wish u the best of health, luck, career and of course, LOVE! hahah!

2 friends spoke up!:

James said...

My daring, i look forward to giving you more surprise every year!!! Ah meow ^(oo)^

kristie said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so sweet lah you! Love you like hell hehehhe