Saturday, January 14, 2006

I will see ya soon!

Ok guys, I will be leaving pattaya early tomorrow morning, around 3am to bangkok airport... we have an early flight to catch at 7am from bangkok- KL... so that means no sleep? Anyway...see if I can catch a nap later. There will be an entourage of around 67 people flying together, how fun huh? haha... anyway once we reach KL, we will wait in KLIA for another flight to kuching which is around long wait at the airport! Anyway, lucky me, I've arranged for janice, my dear sis to meet me at the airport so we can at least catch up for lunch or something, even for a short while, it is worth it! :) cant wait to see her tomorrow.

So once i am in kuching, will be without internet access again for a while, hopefully I can still check my mail every now and then! It will be a pretty long lay-off between now and the start of our show in kuching, the tentative date now is 6th Feb.

I will get to smell Malaysia air very soon...yipee...malaysian food and all the things that I missed so much!!!

You guys take care alright, miss u lots, muaks muaks MUAKS!

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Liwen said...

YA!!! really hope to see u soon here!!! so eager to hear all ur update and stuffs!! miss u soo much baby!
Happy CNY to u and ur family..