Thursday, December 22, 2005

'Winter' here in pattaya...and many photos taken!

Sounds funny ain't it? Yes... I just mentioned it is winter here in pattaya cos even I, at this moment am wearing a sweater...thick one in fact!!! The weather at this time of the year is supposed to be the hottest, so tourists all over the world come here to sunbathe...and become black black...but this year, it is totally different! Even the local thais are bewildered with the sudden change of this weather, it is like spring going to winter. I've been sleeping without aircon these few nights, the cold winds outside are enough to cool and 'freeze' the container steel. What has happened to the beautiful tropical weather???? arrrggghhhh...even my normal routine of swimming every night is affected cos it is too cold to swim esp at night! Mornings are the worst as u have to get in the shower! even the water heater is fighting against the cold, water is not as hot as before, esp. when i need it most at this time! anyway...looks like the weather wont be changing THAT soon...we will all have to bear with it then, gonna start looking for my winter clothings hehehe...

have recently been really into this brand of green tea, love it, from lipton. every day I will just put a teabag into a cup and the whole day I will just refill with hot water to have a very nice warm drink and also to help me digest food faster after a heavy meal! mmm...nice!

comes in 2 flavours...jasmine green tea and green tea!

my darling christian and aunty kristie!

my dad and me having a gin tonic :)

my dearest mummy and me!

urs truly playing with a flower :p

daddy-o, me and christian!

2 buddha figurines...

my visionary papa

beautiful sunset behind us

my feet in the sand at the beach...

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Fann said...

Cold weather at thailand? sound cool ....may have snowing soon :) hehee

kristie said...

hahahha yes if u were here, u will also feel the extreme cold!!! but now the weather is starting to stabilise again, hopefully we will feel the warmth soon :)

Merry xmas to u dear, missing u very much!

kristie said...

merry x'mas everyone! It is the season to be jolly...may all ur dreams come true! love u always from the bottom of my heart :)