Tuesday, December 27, 2005

season's greetings to everyone!

yes, I must say this is one of the best christmas I've ever had! All the important people in my life was with me, we had a simple christmas dinner, just family but very very meaningful and memorable to me, in fact to all of us. We decided to stay in the circus and have a simple family christmas dinner in the trailer. We first thought of eating out but outside have simple menus, nice atmosphere but very expensive... so we thought why not do our own shopping???? and buy whatever we like??? without having to succumb to eating food that we are 'forced' to eat cos we paid for it...u know what I mean right? Anyway, i went with my mum to do christmas dinner shopping! We bought so many things...!!!! here is our christmas shopping list (we didn't plan beforehand, we just went along and picked what we liked!):

1. Assorted sushi
2. Loads of fresh salmon sashimi
3. Salami- 2 types
4. Cheese...yes yummy cheese, brie and camembert
5. Plain crackers to go along with the cheese
6. Potato salad
7. BBQ drummets
8. BBQ pork ribs
9. Thai fried vegetable with belachan
10. Grilled sausages... with seeded mustard
11. Fresh garden salad
12. Cooked prawns with chilli sauce
13. Grilled saba fish
14. Grilled Unagi
15. Garlic bread- bacon & anchovies
16. Free flow of red wine
17. Free flow of gin tonic (my dad is good in making this!)

imagined if we had eaten outside, we could have spent around 3500-4000 baht, and all these food that we bought, we spent less than 2500 baht!!!! good meal huh? We couldnt finish this on 24th night, so we continued this last night, 26th night hehe... on christmas night, we went to another town near pattaya called Bang Saen, to go admire the beach, sunset and had a sumptuous seafood dinner beside the sea... a real blessing, good christmas season for me :) i love u people so much, you mean the world to me! hope u girls had fun too huh, miss u very much! ok now take a look at the photos! photos time... :)

our family christmas dinner :)

assorted sushi tray with sashimi

salami, olives and melon, a killer combination!

Dinner at Bang Saen, a lovely place!

our special x'mas dinner!

for the first time, I actually enjoyed christmas truly ever since I was a child :)

2 friends spoke up!:

Fann said...

Your xmas party looked pretty fun!! Feel like joining in for the dinner ....the foods looked so YUMMY YUMMY!!!!

kristie said...

yes sy...it was EXCELLENT!!!! i cant describe the feeling I had when we were having our xmas dinner, i was overjoyed and really misssed the family times we used to have, cos we hardly get the chance to get together :)