Sunday, April 10, 2005

i am a nomad again!

hey guys, today is the last day in klang...the last show just ended abt 3o mins ago, not bad attendance, all the artistes were in high spirits yelling and clapping away at the finale! hahha...i took some nice shots of the acts with my fav camera, finepix s602z, no more in the market already. many people liked it and asked me to sell to them but i said NO (of course!), anyway i just serviced it so it is working very well now :)

will be packing tonight, pack my office and my container, see everywhere also dont know where to start packing! just checking my mails and updating my blog before i vamoos into this air, hahaha, will be checking my mail less frequent. until i move back to the new site again, cant wait! :)

by the way, we will be moving over to the hotel tomorrow, it is called palace of the golden horses, a 7 star hotel! dont envy me....i am not so rich, it is just becos we have some tie up promotions with them therefore we could actually contra off some rooms for all the staff! yipee! will take some photos if possible and show it to you guys.

i am so happy now that my camera is back with me, it was 'sick' for some time, so i really missed it so much, glad it is 'well' now :)

ok for now, wen and sy, i will try to get your bus tickets once i am more free, in the midst of moving damn busy lah. i promise to get for you, cant wait for you to be here! love ya!

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