Monday, March 21, 2005

sorry...long time no post!

hey bloggie, hey ladies, long didnt write anything ya! apologies accepted? :)

well since circus in klang started, now it is almost the 3rd week already, been so busy actually preparing for the next town, that is Mines, seri kembangan. Been running around, up and down klang and mines...each time we have to travel around 45 mins up and down, damn tiring man, meetings after meetings. Sourcing for agents now, we go for big companies that have a few outlets, straightaway 5, 10, 15 agents signed up one shot with a chain of outlets.

today managed to sign up toys'r'us as our agents! they have a total of 5 outlets, very good place for us cos the place there mainly children and all come from well to do money one, can spend one lah! :) i made it very urgent for the lady to quickly agree or else we are going to print all the marketing collaterals without their names in it....quickly she responded when i emailed the proposal to her! good catch waiting for popular bookstore to respond. they seemed interested too! :) breadstory, the chain of bread and pastries outlets also just signed up with us, approached the marketing department, offered them the opportunity, and bingo 12 outlets of breadstory signed up as well! :) at least it is a fruitful day... tired but satisfying :) for personal lives, family members are all fine, james is fine :) many incidents recently that made life so interesting... well one unfortunate incident did happen though...janice went to the hospital recently in the middle of the night for stitches on her fingers! i got a shock when i received the news, apparently, we bought a teapot together from muar and she was washing it after having tea, so she was trying to reach the handle between the glass and the inside of the handle which has some soap, when she twisted the handle, the whole pot just burst in her hands! she was so shocked she didnt even realised that her fingers got cut until she saw all the blood...poor girl! i better be careful too cos we bought the same teapot together. thank god she is fine now...only her fingers bandaged.

show last week was execellent in terms of attendance, every day at least thousand over people came to watch the show! ok then...have to go now, very busy!

love u girls, waiting for u guys to come over and visit me :) :p

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Fann said...

wow heng nothing serious for Janice fingers ...really scary lah careful when you using the teapot we gave u lah :)