Sunday, February 13, 2005

newspaper article, mobilisation

hellooo.... another update for you guys! Today is our last day in Muar, our last show tonight is at 7pm, then it is another round of packing and sayonaras to our friends here in muar. we will be having a cny open house tonight, together with a lucky draw and all...very fun tonight, sure eat and eat tonight (again..............) :p

well guess what? I am in the newspapers today..hehhe in zhong guo bao, china press newspaper. a reporter interviewed me about a week ago, asking me about my life and all, how's life in the circus etc, so today the article came out, half page full colour! :) hahah...feel so funny to see my own face in the newspaper, have bought a few copies already...well my colleague just called me, asking me if i have seen the newspaper today? hahhha... i told him i've bought a few copies liao! Anyway, will show it to you guys soon ya, when i see you SOON!

havent even started packing my container and i've got a headache already...shit man, very tiring to pack ah!!! tomorrow morning i am leaving for klang already, our next performing location. so my whole container home has to be packed today, by tonight. i will be staying in histana hotel in klang during the mobilisation, hopefully it will be nice and comfy...

i borrowed a juicer from janice about a day ago. really good stuff man, went to buy fresh fruits and last night, i made fresh fruit juice, i had oranges, mandarin oranges, green apples, celery and carrot! It was the BEST & FRESHEST fruit juice i have ever tasted!!! love every single mouthful of it, super good. never add water or sugar, nothing, just PURE fruits :) isnt it lovely and yummy? i cannot live without this now...hahah, will be packing my juicer along with me to the hotel cos I will be staying there at least 5-6 days! will look for fruits to make juice everyday for me and james :) will make some later for my mum and dad too!

ok then...gtg, i wont be having internet access for the next few days till i set up my office again in the next town. Will be able to check mail in the hotel, but using modem, normal line, 56k, so very slow one hahah, so used to broadband liao!

ok, happy chinese new year again babes, miss ya lots. love you!

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

OH! so fast the show in JB finish!! and now u'll be in klang.. for how long? after klang will be?? keep us posted.. coz.. we'll be there visitin u!! haha...
U R in newspaper.. SO INTERESTING!!! save one copy for me k? and i want ur signature on it too.. mayb one day this piece of article can be very vaulable!!
so envious and happy that u r now enjoying what u r doing.. so good.. keep up the attitude babe!

kristie said...

the circus will be in klang for around 6 weeks! very long time huh! after that, we go to KL, also around 6 weeks! by then you guys can come down!