Thursday, February 17, 2005

in the hotel...half dead, headache...tired/sleepy.........but still FINE :)

today was a day of running ringing non stop...meeting people...really glad to be back here in the hotel..lyng down on the bed, just relaxing, dont feel like sleeping cos it is still pretty early, or else later tonight, i will sure wake up cannot sleep...ok so i just on the tv, watch whatever that's on the screen...even if i am not watching also leave it on lah, or else the room too quiet, cannot tahan! james is at the circus site, monitoring all the containers that are arriving from muar, most of them have arrived today. my parents yesterday drove their trailer home down but unfortunately there was a problem with the engine!!! so they were driving along the highway, stop and go, stop and go. they left muar around 5pm but only arrived yesterday night around 4AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really pity them man, somemore i couldnt help them much, could only call them and ask them where they were, they were so tired even this morning, all look lik zombies, apparently one of the staff put in diesel that is dirty, so clog up the filter, that is why the engine couldnt work well. my dad is PISSED.

ok going on to today's events.. this morning started off with having some advertisement specialists, these are from the various newspapers in the klang valley, english, chinese and malay papers. we invited them over to discuss advertising in their papers, selected the dates and then bargain the price for 1/4 and full page advertisements. managed to get some full page, full colour adverts for the price of full colour b&w. save lots of money there. Really learning many things along the way...some people really appear to be very nice to you, but they are just full of CRAP, appearing to be nice only, really 2 headed snake. must be very careful of such people...especially newspaper reporters, cannot offend them man, these people can choose to write whatever they want, as what they say, the power is in the pen. they can pen what they choose they write! just be nice, which we are, naturally nice anyway! never be cocky with them, cos they are way cockier than us man! well...looks like the year of the rooster is going to be a cocky year for them! hahahaha............................. :p

well the round of discussions lasted around 2 hours plus...after that, i had to bring my staff round all our ticket agents in klang to distribute the receipt books and promo materials. so tiring driving around the whole day, somemore didnt have lunch, no appetite anyway. in the midst of driving around, looking for directions, cos some of them i really dont know had to rely on instincts and sixth sense :) calls came in non stop...luckily i am driving an auto car or else cannot pick up phone calls... am also in the midst of bringing another act in from china. 1 boy, 1 girl from dalian troupe, performing an aerial ballet act. called them up a few times to co-ordinate their act coming in, their props, their visa at the malaysian embassy, their flight from beijing to kl. wah lau eh...damn busy man, after that, i was really exhausted... i decided to call it a day after going around to a few agents.

tomorrow morning i have to go to midvalley in the morning to meet up with irene, organiser of the travel fair this weekend, an annual travel fair event that is patronised by almost 1 million people every year! they are interested to assist in selling tickets for us so we will appoint them as our ticket agent for this weekend fair, good exposure for us too!

ok gtg...waiting for james to come back from the circus site, will make fruit juice later, bought fresh stuffs from jusco yesterday but no time and energy to make...tonight we will do it! :)

love ya lots...miss ya lots too!

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