Sunday, February 6, 2005

day trip to KL

was in KL yesterday doing some stuffs...left the circus at muar around 10am, was with my dad,ben,gina and trish. Ben is our senior marketing executive...gina is our PA and trish is our new PR executive! so many things happened yesterday so I will pen down as much as i can remember in the most chronological order goes!

we left the circus at 10am, and on the way up along the highway, i had very bad tummy, so i stopped the car a few times just to the third time, my legs were all wobbly...but i felt better after that. we reached klang around 1.30pm for lunch, went to a very popular restaurant for lunch in klang, my dad ordered a fish head that was huge man...the fish head was like the size of...mmm how to describe ah, the size of a football? almost actually! cant imagine the whole fish, how big it really is, it must be frightening to see it in the water... i had no appetite as what i ate came out anyway, so only 3 people were eating. we had to tapao the food as it was tooooo much!

we then proceeded to mines resort city, the main purpose why we went up to KL. Mines resort city is launching their new convention and exhibition area called 'LaunchPad'. it was an honour to be included in their slide show presentation, of upcoming events at Mines. We provided them with a vcd of the circus performances and they took out clips of it to showcase our performance coming soon to KL! so much exposure and at little cost to us! the crowd there are big bosses of big companies and guess what? I finally met Dr. Mahathir!!! it was surreal to see him walk in front of me, I couldnt believe my eyes man...hahahha he looks exactly like how you see him on TV and in newspapers.... siti nurhaliza was also there, the malay diva singer of malaysia, she is really pretty! i kept looking at their table, still cannot believe that I just saw dr. :)

i finally got to see the land where the circus will be performing in Mines. It is awesome..right in front of the lake, beautiful scenery! cant wait to go there soon...u girls can then come visit me!

when we were about to leave mines, trish got a call from karen (another marketing staff), informing her that her rabbit just died...she went hysterical, she was crying and crying...everyone knew how close she was to the rabbit, she treats him like her own baby, anyway, it was sad, i understand how she feels cos I lost my own pet too...and I saw how my dear bambi actually passed away... the feeling is pain and you put the blame all to yourself.

well...after Mines function, we headed to taman seputih, christian's place, my dearest nephew to wish him happy birthday! it was his 9th birthday and we dropped by to give him a hug and a kiss and also gave him some money to buy something for himself! he is so adorable, love him like crazy...wish sometimes i can adopt him as my own son! (always joke with his mother abt this hahahah) he is very intelligent and well behaved as well, good looking too! hehehe so after we met up with christian, we headed back to klang again.

by the time we reached there, it was dinner time, so my dad said we go for bah kut teh, a very popular one along jalan kapar, so off we went...i didnt really enjoy my makan still as my tummy has been upset the whole day...but it was making noises and i am hungry but just no appetite... some more the meat left was all fatty...wobbly yucks. the sight of it puts me off! i drank more tea than eating the meat. I like to order the lean meat and all the spare parts, but this style of bah kut teh was a little different, never mind when the circus in is klang, i will go to the place that I like!

after such a long day of ups and downs...excitement, pain etc etc, we finally made the trip back to muar, home sweet home :)

but the happiest moment of my day was to be able to see Dr. Mahathir, it was such an honour :)

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