Thursday, February 3, 2005

as much as i detests dentists...i had NO CHOICE!

remember the last time i said my tooth really hurt? well it came again 2 days ago, this time it was really bad...i really felt like cursing everything...everyone in my sight! the pain was unbearable, i took panadol, i applied bonjela but still pain like hell...that was around 6.30pm that day...had no choice, quickly ask around for a dentist that was opened at that time, as much as I wanted to avoid dental clinics...i had no choice... when i arrived there, i was in tears...couldnt control myself, the pain was really bad, i quickly asked the nurse to give me painkillers, but she was hesitant to give me...afraid that i was allergic to any medicine, but i insisted on her giving it to me...anyway i had no allergies to medicine! there were a few people in the clinic but i was crying...hahah think abt it, really wondered how i went through the pain man.

when the dentist saw my tooth, he said really bad infection...he said why waited until so long...for me i wanted to tell him cos I HATE DENTIST hahahaha...but how to say to him??? i had a phobia...but anyway, at that time, i just wanted him to help me...take away the pain!!! he said there was a lot of pus in he gave me a few injections to numb my tooth area so that he could take out the pus, and remove the root canal as well...minor surgery...the sounds of all the drill etc always make me fainted...that is why i am so scared of dentists!!!

the dentist managed to salvage my tooth, which is good cos this is my molar tooth, the one that u use to bite food, so if he removes it, i will have to put a cap tooth, then a bridge there, which will costs lots of $... thank god anyway.

ok gtg, now can smile and laugh already. talk to u again :)

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Fann said...

Finally you went to see dentist ah ...hehehe I also scare to see dentist ...duno why too ...hahahahah