Saturday, February 26, 2005

2 weeks have gone by...

wow...2 weeks have passed and I really believe how time flies... fly one hour and the day is over!!! My dad always mentions how this business, especially the circus business, we are always against time, time does not stop for us, we have to make full use of it, seize every opportunity that is available...cos by the time we know it, few weeks have passed and the circus is leaving for another town already! so...let me i can recap these few days events. (pardon me for my memory ok...hahaha)

yesterday was the opening show in klang, was very successful, full house! everyone was very excited about the circus in klang. i believe the response here would be better cos people's reactions are different when we mention the circus is in town, they are all very excited...start asking abt the prices...showtimes etc.

i am very happy cos tonight my friends from taylor's college...used to study together, will be coming to watch the shwow, yeah!!!so long didnt see them already, last time i saw them was when i visited them in sydney. going to be a fun night!

ok...they are now rehearsing an act that we just brought over from china, going to watch them rehearse now, they will be performing tonight if possible! ok..good good...i will go now, sorry this post has to be cut short, will continue soon! love u girls :)

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Fann said...

cant wait to see you in april :)