Friday, January 14, 2005

mobilisation from jb to muar!

am now in muar, a town in johore state, 2 hours from JB. This is the next town for the circus performance! Have been here since yesterday, was in KL with my mum the day before to do some stuffs, also stayed with chen in our new subang house, really beautifully renovated, from an ugly duckling to a swan literally! :)

i am now staying in a hotel- Classic Hotel, not too bad, it's the best in muar, that's what everyone says, not a very big town but it is booming! will be staying here for another 2 nights, before i move back to my own home sweet home! those of you who have visited my beautiful home, i am sure you like it right, come and stay with me next time when you visit me! :) I will make it very cosy for you, comfortable, you feel like you are sleeping in your own home! hhaaha unusual but fun. oh yeah, talking abt staying with my sis and fei, together with my mum and dobby, the cutest shit zu ever on earth... really felt good staying there after sooooo long. I was born there, and after my first dad passed away, my mum moved us all down to JB to live with my grandfather, and that's where i went down to sg to study..met my best friends and so on...really wonder how my life would be if kevin papa was still around. Miss him sometimes, i can't really remember him but i just look at photos and what relatives all tell me about him. Anyway, i know he is always looking down on us, blessing us :) my mum loved the feeling when she stayed there, she felt a sense of peace in her, liked she never left the place before. I can imagine why :)

i managed to do some 'rush' shopping, always no time for leisure shopping now. Wanted to get a dvd player for some time now, been eyeing a philips dvd player for a long time, liked the look of the model, very stylish and sleek! Was in carrefour and saw that it was on promotion, got it at a good price! Very happy now hahahha :) now i feel my home is more equipped, glad i got a few stuffs from my mum's bank redemption lots of $!

oh ya sy, if possible update us soon abt ur vietnam trip ya! Cant wait to hear from you again!

well, tomorrow's a busy day, there is a press conference and also a meeting for all agents for the muar performance. gotta rest early now... :) ciao, will update you guys soon again, love you.

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