Thursday, January 6, 2005

I can breathe again...normally

helllooo I am back again!!! Just back from a series of silly sicknesses...flu...runny nose, tonsilitis, fever...damn pathetic, hate it when I am feeling lousy, whole person just feel like sleeping, no appetite to eat my favourite stuffs also...! Anyway, I am feeling much better today! Although my nose is a little blocked, i feel much better, hope it goes off quickly...have to finish my entire antibiotics course (which i always forget to do so...hhehe)

My best friends are coming over today, yipppppeeee!!!!! long awaited man...these people ah, always take their own sweet time, make me WAIT only...hhhahaha

last night went to visit one of our performing artiste who injured himself recently, andre and ingga. They are such a sweet couple, from russia. bought them some fried bee hoon and fried chicken, popular from one of the restaurants in JB, called fatty restaurant in pelangi. My father looooooves to go there and eat....sometimes i find it a bit 'jelak' cos very oily lah eat too many times! What to father usually chooses where to eat... anyway, andre and ingga loved the food...she smell from the outside plastic bag and her whole face brightened up! hehhe...a miracle what good food can do to affect one's mood :)

yesterday was also a pretty long day for me, i went down with my pa, gina to muar. the next performing location for the circus. Went down to tie down a few issues, confirm all ticket agents, went to our land to see if everything is ok over there! it is about 2 hours drive from JB, quite a nice drive down with our (james & i) new car, volvo s40 :) a beauty in safari green! very nice drive along the highway, very smooth..and the sound system is good! very enjoyable to drive down with good music, just love it. Didn't feel the stress after driving up to muar, running around the whole day and driving back again in the evening, very shiok!

wah write very long this time ah, i am sure u guys are happy to read such a long post! your most welcome hehehhe :p

ok for now, i cant wait to see my good friends tonight, so exciting!!!

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Fann said...

Finally KSL meet!!!!! Totally enjoyed the company for the whole night .....enjoy makan with you gals...we are still consider a big eater lah ...hahahhaha

took alot nice photo last night, will send to you soon...

Love you