Saturday, January 29, 2005

beautiful place for the circus!

our next performing location after muar is klang, and then to KL. we will be performing near the mines resort shopping centre. A very beautiful place indeed! just take a look: the boss of mines resort city is really confident of the circus as an entertainment product, giving us the opportunity to perform in a 10 acre piece of land, surrounded by the south lake. our circus will be an island, surrounded by water, how amazing and beautiful!!! Cant wait girls can then come over, the show will start there around the 25th april 05. I am so excited!!! it is really awesome...u girls would love it! the boss is even willing to provide more water taxi rides to ferry our customers and their shoppers to and fro their shopping centre to the circus, just like a wonderland! :)

ok...control myself...dont get too excited, when the time comes, i will let you know more! then u can come over and visit me :)

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Fann said...

Look fun !!!! i want to go :)