Thursday, January 6, 2005

the all new volvo s40 baby!!!

Dear bloggie,

Let us welcome a new baby to the family, our new volvo s40!!! It's a real beauty, in safari green, a very unusual colour indeed. Many people have commented on the colour, not my cup of tea really, but well my dad liked it... he likes the executive look, in fact it looks pretty sporty to me. Anyway, it is a joy to drive it, very smooth, engine so quiet...sometimes u wonder if the engine has started or not! It has very cool features, very nice. Take a look at the pictures :)

Sleek beauty, a joy to drive this on the road!

2 friends spoke up!:

Fann said...

i love your car ........

Liwen said...

wow.... volvo.. one of my fav brand!!! i got to own one myself too!!!!!!! in another 3 yrs time.. my target! haah