Thursday, December 16, 2004

Still alive

Hello people...I am so SOOO sorry...hehehehe been really busy man, most of you people will know my lifestyle now right... phew...........really a breather to come and create a post here.

Ok...the circus in JB is into its 4th week in JB already! Time really flies...been running around, gathering people to watch the circus, calling up factories for group bookings, talk until mouth dry! Weekends are the busiest...where we go out to shopping centres to promote the circus, do sales, bookings in advance! Many people bought tickets from us at shopping centres...healthy response :) but really whole day talk and talk and talk! hahhaha satisfying in the end when they finally say ok watch next week, what time...what class hhahah :) it's really competitive here in sales, although i am not entitled to any commission here, all the marketing personnel are doing very well, always competing against each other for the highest sales of the day! And all must try to produce cos our boss hates '0' sales, he calls them duck eggs!

I am waiting for my friends all to come and watch the circus! So fun to see all of you again, watch the show and makan together! looking forward, try to come together, the more the merrier!

wish me luck babes and hunks...see ya soon :)

love always....kristie...

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