Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I was elated!

Hey bloggie...long time no see/talk/hear! Miss ya...

I'm so happY! Yesterday my bunch of good friends and buddies came to watch the circus...really appreciate their effort to come all the way here for the show, thanks for the support! Hope u guys enjoyed the circus performance :)

we were laughing...talking..catching up on old times, missed these people like crazy man! Now I'm still waiting for more of my other friends to come over, like wen...you better come ah!

took lots of photos with mich's camera, waiting it to be sent over so that I can post it up for all to see!

belly button gave me the sweetest gift and card ever, her words are so sincere, I am sooooo touched... :) thanks bel!

cant wait to see all again at jessie's wedding!!!

1 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

hey baby! really long never seen update in ur blog! ahhaa... so happy to read so many today!
yap!!! i knew sy had been there... but her timing and mine always not the same lah...nonetheless.. i'll be there.... next week.. say thurs? u must make urself avalible for me oh!!! no work tt day ya!