Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Raining heavily-busy-wah lau eh

halloooo bloggie & friends, it's raining cats and dogs outside now...still work has to go on hahah...can hear people running around so busy, shouting around in the walkie talkie! pray hard that the rain will stop soon so that tonight's show won't be affected! yesterday i was in JB the whole day...was up and running at around 8am...arrived JB and we had one appointment after another...so busy man, couldn't stop to look at something nice also! hahah...came back really late at the site, almost 11 something..and we had to attend a birthday party, one of the staff was celebrating her birthday, so no matter how tired i was, i pushed myself to the party...wah luckily the food was good! ok i think i gtg...got thunderstorm...using my mum's laptop...if anything go wrong, i will die!!!!

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

hahaah... can telll u r REALLY busy there.... life been very packed ah? mine too.... though not as interesting as urs i believe... no matters what.. rememeber to take good care of ur health. if not sick liao want to run about also difficult. adn take care of ur "just recovered" hand.

Fann said...

miss u baby ...hahah you and liwen damn funny keep asking ppl to post comment for u ...hahahha

the weather here is also very bad ...raining and raining ...make me so lazy to go out ...where is the sunny days ??? i want to tan!!!!