Friday, October 1, 2004

Wednesday-Ladies Nite!

Wednesday is a day where we can dunk down alcohol all nite long....for free :) hahha...that night we had dinner at far east, we were looking forward to having tori q...but alas, not rice left! What a disappointment!!! We ended up having hor fun, fried kangkong and fried noodles, and lotus soup for dinner hahah...sounds good too right? (It was gooooood) hahha...

I think i had too much to eat that nite as I couldn't drink much...felt like puking hahah, the feeling was nauseaous as I also had a headache...sigh....what a waste...or else I could have drunk more! haha :) we headed to newsroom bar first, just sat down for drinks and chit-chatting, i drank some gin was ok at first...but when i went on to the 2nd glass, I started to feel puke-y :(

Anyway, after having settled down in NB, we went on to double o! the crowd there was ok, lots of people by the time we went in! They were having a morgan perfume promotion for their latest collection, Light My Heart. There were a few lucky ones who won the perfume in the lucky draw, oh well... :) that night the ladies star drinks were magarita shooter & tequila sunrise, sounded good huh?

Next, we hopped on to mdm wong! the heat there was burning, the atmosphere as we went in was just awesome... it was just wild & ecstatic! there were no free drinks but the music & the people were just good enough to dance all night long! As the place is small, naturally it is very squeezy in there...everyone just danced everywhere, anywhere!

I'll look forward to the next ladies nite with my best friends! we! Before that, I'm looking forward to our weekend at pasir ris coasta sands resort! yeah...bbq...suntan...wah :)


Kicked off the day with a lunch with Clement and Mona at Hotel Windsor, we had salad buffet, sounds cute huh? It doesn't sound filling at all right...but the accompaniments made me damn full...there were potato salad, different types of bread, cream of chicken-mushroom soup, ice cream..bubur cha2...wah...hahahha we chat and ate, chat and ate... :) after that we went to buy toto, for fun bought a dollar quick pick!

after makan, met up with jessie and sy at united's our workout time! we had lunch first then we went up to the centre. We stayed till evening for the jazz fit class, it was fun!!! Loved every dance move, something that I've never tried before, jazz dance class :) beginning was a little hard cos all the moves were new so naturally it took us some time to complete the entire dance. The starting was funny as everyone was dancing all over the place, if you looked at the mirror, it was like a room full of sotongs, hands all over the place hahahahha... fun and funny! after the 1st half of the class, most of us got used to the dance steps and started dancing to the music with the steps that we learnt. It was a low intensity dance class but very fun to dance with other people in the studio! I'd love to make it for the next jazz fit class next week! :)

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