Friday, October 8, 2004

something u can do when you are bored!

Honestly where are you now ?
* Just came home from shopping, resting in my room after watching a bit of tv :)

Honestly have you ever had a plastic surgery ?
* I do not believe in plastic surgery unless it is necessary and I have no disfigurement etc. Can't stand the idea of my skin being sliced...gross!

Honestly have you ever failed a subject at sk0ol ?
* yup...subjects maybe hahhah...

Honestly how are you feeling right now ?
* a little tired, sticky from the humid weather out there...just rained...

Honestly how much did you eat today ?
* mmm...had mos burger earlier, the fish burger is yummy :) had chocolate muffin and coffee at delifrance...i'm going to have fried beehoon next...!

Honestly what's on your mind ?
* the trip to melaka tomorrow! yeah... :)

Honestly who are you chatting to 0nline :
* No one.

Honestly what is it that you REALLY should be doing right now ?
* taking a shower/having my dinner/packing my stuffs for the trip tomorrow hahha

Honestly have you cleaned your teeth today ?
* Yeah, of course!

Honestly who is your bestfriend in the world ?
* I have best friends :)

Honestly who is the hottest person you know ?
* my mum, she looks good for her age!

Honestly are you a good friend ?
* i am loyal to friends who deserve my loyalty. Whether i am a good friend, guess my friends will have to answer this for me :)

Honestly do you really think going to sk0ol is all that important ?
* opens up doors to your future

Honestly what are your dreams about, mostly ?
* loved ones, happy & comfortable life.

Honestly did you have sex today ?
* not today :p

Honestly why did you even bother doing this bulletin board ?
* mmm looked fun, felt bored :)

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