Sunday, October 24, 2004

A recap of the past few days' events :)

Sorry my dear bloggie...should i give u a name? I've just realised and told my best friends that you've become somewhat like a confidant to me, you've been 'someone' that I could to everyday, anytime, anywhere. And you are a listening friend to me, although you can't give me any advice or suggestions, you are a damn good listener!!! Everytime I create a post, I'm so excited to tell you what's been going on in my life, I just want to share every thing I have on my mind! Funny how we could build this 'relationship' hahhaa... :) anyway, for those who still don't know what's the purpose of a blog, try writing more, you'll then know why :) (you should know who you are...hahhahaha) also for me...i'm damn forgetful man, so updating my blog constantly refreshes my memory, I can look back and still remember every single detail, a HUGE plus point for my forgetfulness!!! :p

Ok...a recap of events:

Met up with a few people to discuss with them regarding the appointment of ticket agents in singapore for RLC. was up and running since 8am...previous nite slept at 5.30am, just couldn't sleep at all, kept tossing & turning for nearly 3 hours, hate this bad habit of mine! Sometimes when I have too many things on my mind, I get excited mentally and will start thinking and thinking...physically i'm so exhausted but mentally i'm active. Anyway, friday I met up with some people at pasir panjang and they are very excited to become a ticket agent for the circus! They are coming up with one-day packages to JB, including makan, shopping and watching the show, what more can you ask for? :) a very attractive package indeed, I'm thrilled with the idea!
After talking for almost 2 hours, i headed to the bugis to meet up with jessie & belly button :) so nice to get together and just talk...and yak and yak and yak hehhe... we makan at the food junction, i had the most expensive yong tau foo in my life, $8.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shock of my life when i paid, the lady said each piece costs $0.50...which means i took 16 pieces!!! i could not remember how many pieces i took (remember I said i was very forgetful?) and anyway they already cut up the pieces into whatever, i just paid, was damn hungry man, at LEAST, the lunch was satisfying! i was still so sleepy & stoned during lunch, the feeling is worse than a movements were just so slow, i wanted to do more stuffs but my mind slowed me down...had to perk myself with coffee & tea...loads of caffeine hahhah...caffeine reloaded :) really enjoyed the girls' company, they are a bunch of extraordinary ladies, so fun to be with, so themselves, no masks, no hypocrisy... :) we went jalan a while and bel bought a pair of earrings for me! She heard that i said, "this is nice..." and immediately she bought it for me without my knowledge, very fast action! hahha...thanks bel, i really like it :)

after lunch and tea, bel had to go for bike lessons so we 'released' her hahha, jessie and i went to meet up with the rest at jack's place, orchard! my safyc buddies are so sweet, they organised a farewell dinner for me. I'm really touched, i'm so lucky to have good friends in my life, well maybe what goes around comes around! I don't like to have enemies, it just makes u more miserable, no harm just forgiving and forgetting right? :) anyway, the dinner was absolutely fantastic, sumptuous, yummy, what more can I say... i had a medium rare jack's special was gorgeous sweet & soft, easily digestible, hate those overcooked steaks, have to chew it like rubber and 'fight' with it on the plate! hahahh had my favourite escargots too, oh damn yummy man, every piece of it you put in your mouth, you just want to keep it in there...relish every bite...oh my gosh..i'm hungry now!!! Th dinner was fantastic, the people, the food, ambience, most important was the company right guys? Love u all man :) thanks again for the treat, i'll never forget this!

mmm...woke up feeling so refreshed! Had a good sleep..caught up with the lack of sleep from the last few nights! lazed around in bed, finally got up and watched dvd with my darling, we watched dodgeball! damn dunny show, we laughed like hell! hahha ben stiller is so funny as the bad guy, so funny when u watch how he has his therapy lessons hahha! some pics from the movie:

we had to do some stuffs in the afternoon so we went separate ways, i went to safyc @ changi, nice feeling to go back there, everything so familiar, as if i've never left there at all! met up with sharon from fishermen, super nice gal, love talking to her, very sincere lady. also approached her for a ticket agent appointment, she's very keen, will get a confirmation on monday! spoke to a few of my ex-colleagues, all said that i look better now...hhhaha maybe no stress? :) happy to work for my parents, no restrictions, freeplay for all, brainstorming together, think-thank group, sounds fun man! Looking forward to following the circus around, building the circus to another level with new blood injected in it!
Ok...dinner was very goooooood, had sakae sushi with my best friends, sy & wen. Had a super enjoyable time with them, always laughing and talking everytime we get together! we had so much food...hahha all my favourites :) after makan, they gave me a surprise! Wen, like the card that u gave me, very meaningful card, exactly how we all feel i guess, although we dont see each other everyday, the friendship bond is still so strong, and when we do meet up, it's fun! they also gave me a book, somewhat like a story book, they designed everything inside themselves! It is a very nice book talking about how we first met till now...lots of photos in there, really touched my heart! what they were disappointed was that i didn't cry out loud hhaha...i just dropped a few tears :p
girls, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, really happy & touched, damn glad & elated to have u both as my best friends! I mean it, every word, i REALLY mean it, hahahhahahh :p

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

hahahaa.. ok. i know u MEAN it and U REALLY MEAN it.. and again.. i also MEAN what i said.. hahahaa.......
take care of the book and rememebr our date every few years to update that book.. its not only your book. but OUR book... only u take care of it.. ahahaha

kristie said...

hahhhaha the book is going to be my treasure, thanks girls for the book, i am still so happy to look at it, holding it makes me feel so lucky to have friends like you!!!!!