Tuesday, October 12, 2004

O-K day

Day was ok...started out watching some tv and snacking on cadbury marble (yum!) and tim tams...damn shiok man, must get the ones made in australia. They taste much better than the ones made locally here, the ones here are too milky...too much chocos for a day huh, hahhah :p

was supposed to go out for dinner with james's family yesterday however we postponed it to today as we couldn't make it yesterday...we came back from melaka pretty late! ok...so today's dinner the whole family went out for some good makan...we had sweet & sour fish, bittergourd soup, fu-yong omelette (so nice to be able to eat eggs again!!), pork stew, fried kailan, fried home-made tofu, fried venison. I thouroughly enjoyed the meal! Damn yummy :) just not used to the fact that his family is pretty quiet when they eat...they only start chatting after dinner...hahah for my family, we talk non-stop hehhe... well, different families, different habits!

after dinner, we went to some aquarium shops to look at fishes...shaorong and yong joo love fishes, went to get plants, accessories etc for their fishes. Pat got a crab for herself, it is cute, it lives in a shell, be it snail shell, coral shell... if it loses its 'home', it will go around looking for another 'home'! Pat then asked me what is a kissing fish...i told her that i kept a pair before and occasionally, it will swim around and then kiss each other, cute right? and then yong joo told me that they kissed not due to affection but due to territorial dispute! Kissing fishes are so cute & unique!

Kissing Fish

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