Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My mood now = frustrated & excited

as you can see from the title...I have mixed emotions now...frustrated, excited, happy...sad, even I am confused as to what to say...

First things first, I'm feeling so frustrated is because my left hand is still not functioning as it used to be...I just hate the feeling when I can't even tie my own hair, I have to shampoo my hair with my right hand only...everything I do is with one hand, especially when I have to lift it up and turn it, wrist up to my elbow still aches! will be going for my appointment at ttsh tomorrow morning, hope the x-ray will clear...can't wait to do my normal stuffs again. Signed up for aerobics a month ago...paid soooo much but was only able to go for the classes about 2 weeks, then I fell and got my hand injured when rollerblading...sigh sigh...up to now I'm still thinking of the classes, how nice if I got to go to every class like I used to, no chance in the near future I guess, after I start working in the circus!

sad...partly bcos of the above mentioned and also bcos I will be leaving my friends soon :( i will miss them terribly, of cos we can always keep in touch thru email, blogs, sms...but i will miss the closeness! remember to always let me know any updates in ur life ok!!!!! if u dont tell me, you watch out! hheheheh

mmm....excited & happy due to the fact that I am joining the circus soon! It's going to be a very exciting business, check it out: The Royal London Circus! James and I will be travelling with the circus, all over the world, will meet new people, learn new things, an experience not to be missed :) although we would like to settle down early, have our own home, guess this will just be pushed back a few years, hopefully we can realised our dreams soon :) it's going to be in JB on the 24th nov 2004, whoever is reading this blog can contact me, I can give you a very special discount to watch an international circus production at a sooooooo affordable price! :)

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