Monday, October 25, 2004

Movie marathon AgAiN hahha

hey bloggie, guess I'll just name you bloggie alright? quite like it...everytime i write something to you, bloggie just comes out, so bloggie you will be! :)

Rented a few movies yesterday evening...rented the movie, The Best Bet, 'Tu Ran Fa Cai', damn funny man, a local singaporean production by Jack Neo...all about buying 4D and gambling and how it actually is very damaging to some people get into real Deep Shit if they gamble addictively!!! so funny with all the hokkien language and songs hahahha...we watched it last night and we were laughing non-stop...and this morning we felt like watching again, and imagine we still laugh at all the hokkien jokes although we just watched it yesterday! hahhaha recommended for local singaporeans and malaysians who want a good laugh :)

we also watched '13 going 30', starring jennifer garner, she's just gorgeous :) actually i previously watched it with sy in the cinemas just a few weeks ago...but i thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and since james has not watched it yet, we decided to watch the movie together and have a good laugh together :) as my memory is soooo bad, i watched the movie as if it was the first time brain refreshes itself very quickly :)

Rented 'Troy' as well, haven't watched it yet, total of 3 vcds least 2-3 hours movie, will maybe catch it tonight :) have to go out and meet a few people shortly, very happy to be working for my parents, have the drive to want to do well for the circus :) will see ya later bloggie, take care!

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Liwen said...

YES!! i love this movie too!!! pretty lady ya?
but if i know where and what i'll be when i'm 30 then can reverse if dun like how good hor? hahah..