Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Life's boring without friends :)

Firstly I would like to congratulate hebe and sy!!! hebe gave birth to a baby boy :) so touching, now sy is so worried about his feeding time, make sure hebe feeds nemo ok? :) yes he is called nemo, cute right, what a nice name, loved that cartoon! such a bliss of happiness...a life is born on earth, u can watch how nemo grows now each and every day. i will be seeing nemo tomorrow, can't wait!!!

alright, the day today was spent out with jessie jie. we practically walked and walked the whole day...hehhee. we went to check out imm mall at jurong today, pretty nice place, compact with everything that you will need for your daily life. we went to check out daiso, a place selling everything at only $2!!! cheap is a place selling only japanese products. i end up buying lots of unecessary stuffs hhahah...nailclipper, nose cleaning pack, orange facial mask, dust cleaner for clothes ...and etc etc etc :) quite satisfied with my purchases! funny how you sometimes go into such stores not intending to buy anything at all but come out with lots of stuffs...hahahh...anyway.................

i had a tempura bento for an early dinner...think the chef was in a good mood cause i got more prawns than usual for what i paid! ha! ehehheh :) yummy yummy...very good meal, accompanied by my favourite o-cha...mmmmmm
came home and it was raining cats and dogs, was supposed to go out to buy shower cream and also to visit nemo...but didnt feel like getting caught in the rain! so i stayed home , watched tv till now :) just now i watched The Swan for the first time, scary how people are willing to go under the knife for beauty and hands lost its grip at the thought of it...oh my...yuck... but the transformation of the women that went for the show really made me surprised, amazing how ugly, fat, ordinary-looking women can turn into graceful swans!

i am so excited to see nemo tomorrow! for now, I will sign off with a hungry stomach...going for some makan now hehhe...adios! :p

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