Monday, October 18, 2004

Home sweet home

Just realised that I will soon be leaving this sweet home in yishun...hai...been living here for almost a year now! Looking back, it feels like I just moved into this house, when uncle asked me to stay here, his offer was just so touching... feel sad that i will have to leave singapore soon, will miss my best friends here, can't go out as we used to...keep in touch ok girls, will miss u terribly! very important must come and watch the circus in dec!!! If not...u watch out hahhaha... :p will definitely miss u girls very much, must take good care and email me often ok, I will try my best to reply asap! :) will also try my best to update my blog often so that u girls will know how i'm doing! Really thank his whole family and wati for 'taking care' of me...always having home-cooked food on the table when I come home...clothes all washed and folded in my room...what more can I ask for? nothing to worry, I really thank God for always taking care of me and my loved ones!

Yesterday I went to JB for a while..went to makan and buy some stuffs! by the time we went in was already around 3pm...went in for late lunch, ordered so many things as we wanted to eat different things hahha...I felt like having dim sum whereas he wanted to have fish head curry! Ended up ordering assorted trays of dim sum and we had fish head curry too we both had our wishes! yeah hhhehhehe... after makan, we jalan jalan a bit. went around to enquire about handphones...guess for now i will just use these 2 phones and when I get my pay again, i will sell 2 phones to get one good phone :) now funds running real low! anyway, after some jalan jalan, we went back to home sweet home! :)

2 friends spoke up!:

Fann said...

We will miss u for sure :(

kristie said...

u gals are the best! :)