Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hello everyone & my dear bloggie!

soooooo sorry for missing out in action for the last few days...really busy settling down here. Have a container home of my own :) busy buying groceries, washing powder etc etc, our first home together! :) happy the midst of all these, rushing around getting stuffs down, no time to even shop properly for stuffs... I'm definitely going to get another pillow for myself...the one my mum gave me is so hard man, felt like my neck so stiff when I lie down to sleep!!! other than that...our home sweet home is fine :) no time to really decorate the place yet, slowly as we go along, will buy more stuffs to 'accessorise' my home. But not too much either...cos everytime we move, i have to pack up everything again! buy things that are shockproof! hehhe... tomorrow i will be going down to JB with my dad and some other people to finalise ticket agents in JB as well as approaching city square as the official shopping centre for RLC. busy busy day...running around, eat quick quick! by the time u know it, it's already late at night, have some discussions and by the time u shower, damn late man... am now using my mum's laptop to check my mails and update u bloggie! will wait for james to come back from sg and connect the broadband to my laptop...then i guess i will update more frequently! :)

girls, i miss u nice to hear that u guys are shopping...wish i was there too! hahah... although i wont see u so soon...remember i am always thinking of you! :p

remember my dear friends...look forward to the circus coming to's coming, it's coming to rock JB!!! :)

love you all, kristie

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