Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Food Shows

Have you realised that recently there are soooo many food variety shows on tv? every channel i turned to earlier was about food...hahhaha watched extreme gourmet, damn gross & disgusting man, eating bugs, animals' penis, testicles! imagine that man...wah lau eh, i watched until felt like vommiting! how can someone eat these??? and it was said that in china, the locals over there eat these animal parts to keep themselves warm during winter, it seems so normal for them huh? maybe if I was born there, i would also be eating balls & penises hahhhaha... :p
there's also lots of food shows on the chinese channels, like where you can find the best char kueh teow, best chai tao kueh, best lor mee...best nasi lemak, the bestest of all the yummy local delicacies in singapore! there's also a show that brings the hosts to malaysia where they get to try exotic fruits and foods... by watching all these, you'll just realise how much singaporeans actually love to eat! hahahha maybe they can come up with a movie: Eat Actually :) hahhaha

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