Tuesday, October 5, 2004


Resort Stay with my Buddies!

Our last weekend was spent at costa sands pasir ris! We wanted a nice getaway for the 3 of us, first time we went for a chalet together since we knew each other almost 10 years now!

we arrived there about 1-2pm,waiting to check in...housekeeping took a while to clean up the room! While waiting, we took lots of photos! sy and liwen surfed the internet...can't let go of work ah some people hahhaha...we brought lots of stuffs for just one night's stay :) hahahha

finally we checked in into our chalet, room B-08! it is a single storey building, 2 single beds with pull-out beds...quite a cosy room. after checking in and storing our foods in the fridge, we went out for recreation! wen and sy took a double seater bicycle while I rollerbladed... all was well until I decided to switch to a bicycle and join them shortly...on the way back to return the rollerblades...I fell..... :( i fell right on my butt and my left hand. the pain was excruciating...i just sat on the ground for like 5 minutes...didnt there to move any of my limbs...i found out that i've hurt my elbow and wrist, shit...didnt expect to have such an injury...my hand still hurts till now...typing with one hand now, very tiring but will take it slow and easy hahh...so since i've already updated my blog in this condition, u girls have no excuse not to update huh...hahhahah :p

anyway..after all that incidents...we went back to the chalet and started our bbq, all of us were damn hungry! the pain on my hand was unbearable but i thought it was nothing serious and continued with all our stuffs till night...that night i couldn't sleep properly...every position i slept in, my hand hurt terribly! only then did i know the seriousness of my hand...shit!!!

but overall i really enjoyed the chalet with my best friends :) thanks gals for ur xiaoness that night after too much tequila pops...and tequila neats hahhha... damn funny...now when i look at the video, i still laugh like hell hhahhahh! i was very happy with the instant bbq pit, damn useful and practical man...next time when i bbq, i will use that, very convenient! we must all agree that the food was yummy too...damn shiok right the array of makan that we had? :)

wen, sy , thanks for taking care of me, so sweet hahha i am so touched :)

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