Monday, October 11, 2004

Back Home!

hello folks! after few days of the disappearing act, I'm back home! hahha :) it felt like i've been away for a long time when in fact, it's been only 2 days! Maybe it is due to the fact that when you are away for a holiday, every single second, minute spent is fun, makan, fun, makan... endless times of enjoyment :) Melaka is beauuuuuutiful, it's a place situated in the south of malaysia, around 2 hours drive from JB. as i spent my weekend there, i just realised how rich and diversified the culture of melaka is. Tourists from all parts of the world visit its historic fort. Jonker Walk is a long street of old buildings, tourists can just walk and and continue to walk! They also have westernised bars and cafes for you to quench your thirst as you attempt to continue the historical voyage! very beautiful, scenic and according to james: Time just stood still in melaka...

we also had the famous chicken rice ball in melaka! It is the normal chicken rice that we can get here except that it is served in a ball shape. they roll it into a ball and it is the size of a ping pong ball. the dangerous part is you tend to pop one after another into your mouth easily...and thus, eat MORE! hahahha... really good with the chilli sauce and the accompaniments like roast & white chicken, char siew, roast pork, vegetables...yummy yum! damn shiok ok, got chance you must go there and try this yourself! I think in total i had almost 10 rice balls...hhhaha that's equivalent to how many bowls of rice ah? :) (don't dare to count man...)

But it definitely tasted better than having a normal plate of chicken rice :)

along jonker street, i bought some pineapple tarts, they are the best i've soft and crumbly, it melts in your mouth! the pineapple jam inside is also not too sweet, very addictive snack as i kept popping one after another into my mouth hhahah...even driving back to jb, i couldn't resist it hhehehhe... bought some back for james's family, they love it! his father & wati just tried it and they all agreed it is of standard :)

now it's been planned, once james finishes work, we will join my parents at kluang, and after that it'll be coming down to jb, yeah! it's going to be tough for the first few years, doing own business is different from working for someone :) i'm glad james and i are going there together, we can support each other mentally & spiritually :)

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