Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yahoooooooooooo!!! Smell the summer...

I was finally able to rent the entire series of Summer Scent!!! Dropped by at the vcd store yesterday evening, just asked casually if they rented out this movie and bingo they said yes! They had only one set for rental and they said it's been rented out already...my heart dampened :(

I asked them when it will be back and they said since the whole series has 24cds, it is rented out for 24 days...that's almost 3 weeks!!! I don't have the time to wait and I was so disappointed. However, after checking their system to check when it will be back, they couldn't find the info, it just didnt tally with their shelf stock! So i waited there patiently...praying hard that they still have it in stock...and yahoooooooooooooooo they found it lying on the shelf, misplaced by one of their colleagues I guessed! I was elated, jumping with joy! Rented it for only $44, inclusive of a deposit of $20..., which means I only pay $24 for the whole series, pretty cheap!!! Was hesitating to buy the whole original vcd package ($49.90) for some time now cos was thinking once I finish the whole series, I would have a problem of thinking where to keep it, after some time it will only be lying around collecting dust... Renting it is a good choice!

Will start watching Summer Scent soon...will update you guys along the way! :)

Learn Korean:
yeoreum (yeo-reum) = summer
hyanggi (hyang-gi) = scent

Korean is a funny language to learn! The pronounciations are totally different from our normal ABC, a few sites to learn the language, for fun:

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