Saturday, September 4, 2004

Sis's Convo

Thousand apologies to you dear blog for the many missing days... my comp suffered for a while...was attacked by a virus...damn hackers out there...Anyway, will tell you my story now :)

on the 1st sept was my sis's convo! she chose singapore for her ceremony as both james and I are here, my parents also had no problems coming over to sg for the event. I rushed over to suntec after work, met up with the rest and proceeded to the convention hall. Everyone there was happy, the atmosphere was calm and serene for us (guests), however tense for the rest (graduates)!!! Graduates are most tense when they go up the stage to receive their transcript, fears run through their what if I trip? What if I walk too fast? what if I drop my scroll? what if I step on my own gown and trip? hahhaha...all these stuffs lasts less than a minute, but seems like an hour until the whole event is over!!! My sis looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown and tassel, she looked gooooood :)

after the whole thing was over, I continued to take more pictures of her..posing at all corners of the ballroom, she was damn funny, still like a little girl making faces at the cam! She's my darling sis, now that she's going on to the next phase of her life, I'm so happy for her...! Seems like she's going to be a teacher in a few months' time, never thought she'll be one, her playfulness and cheeky nature will change soon I guess... or she may be totally different when she's teaching and when she's not, she'll my darling sis again :)

yeah...talking about after the event was over, we were all famished!!! we were all craving for steak...opposite suntec was a place called Outback Steakhouse !!! Hooray!!! all of us went straight towards the restaurant, grabbed our seats and immediately zoomed into the menus for what we wanted to eat...! I had a pork ribs meal, had a craving for this dish for some time now, never got to eat it as we always wanted to eat in a restaurant where the queue's forever soooo long...! Anyway, this time we made it, I had my pork ribs meal!!! we had red wine to accompany our meals, the tastes was just beautiful, seamlessly blended together...mmmmmmmm My mum had a ceasar salad, when it was served, everyone just went 'wauuuuu'. the portion was quite large for a starter, anyway, my mum is a small eater, so that was sufficient for a meal :) we also ordered cheese fries for side order, it was also gooood, will bring my friends there some other time! This restaurant is aussie, its flavours were full of aussie aromas, felt like I was back there dining during uni days! I relished my dish thoroughly, and so did everyone else :)

Cheese Fries, Pork Ribs with Apple Strudel & Fresh veggies, Ceasar Salad

and wah la, dinner was over :p

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