Saturday, September 25, 2004

Quill: The Movie

hello bloggy, it's been 5 days since I last wrote, thousand apologies!

Been busy lately since I signed up for a month membership at Phllip W. Really enthusiastic about aerobics, therefore been attending classes and going to the gym :) went for step class, kickboxing (my fav!), fat burning circuit... (this really damn strenuous man...hahhah) brought sy along with me to FBC, damn funny lah she :) hehehe...

Shortly after signing up for a month membership at P.H, I got a free one month membership at California Fitness, hahhaha... how ironic right? :) anyway, I rushed over to orchard after my class at united square, went there and they toured us around the club for almost an hour, tried to promote their membership, irresistible but I can't take the offer since I won't be around for long in sg :( but anyway, I have more varieties now for aerobics classes! ahhahah...!

If you have not tried aerobics before, and if you like music and dancing, aerobics is a good way to combine these 2 for fitness!

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