Friday, September 17, 2004

Quill: The Movie

Today was fun, went out with my jessie big sis to phillip wain, fitness & beauty centre. She got free entry vouchers from her credit card...tagged along to work out...the place is really nice. The concept of the place is very classy, resort style. Had a sense of peace and serenity the few hours I was there! There's also a steam bath in the toilets, called 'Wet Wet Wet' :) shower room doors are translucent, that is you can see women taking showers don't you think? :) My main attraction was the aerobics studio!!! I just love it, couldn't resist the one-month promotion membership, only @ $150!!! ahhahahahahhah...very good deal, unlimited access to the gym, aerobics classes, sauna...wah.... :) I'm looking forward to the upcoming aerobics class! Yeah!

after that we went to taka, there was a huge mooncake exhibition! and jessie went crazy...we tried every stall's mooncake hahah, ended up buying a fried mooncake, outer crust is very crispy and inside is all full of yam!!!! yummmmmmy, damn shiok man. There was also a few food stalls, I had beef kuey teow, very good one, haven't had such a good one in a long time! Also had kueh pati, something you can't find easily now, it looks very cute, an inverted crispy crust that looks like a crown and the filling inside is mangkuang, lots of other vege, damn shiok!

The best of Mooncakes All under ONE Roof!

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