Thursday, September 16, 2004

My Last Day

14th sept was my last day working at SAFYC. A little sad inside, was rather reluctant to leave my table! After all, I was there for the last few months, everything there were just so personal, well that's life, we have to move on right? :) I'll miss the people and the club environment the most! Will definitely visit them when I've the chance.

My colleagues were so sweet, they gave me a surprise pizza lunch! Everyone shared and ordered 4 large pizzas and 20pcs of chicken winglets! Although one of my colleagues let the cat out of the bag shortly just before lunch, the thoughtfulness & sweetness of my colleagues really touched my heart!!!!!! I really want to thank you guys again, thanks :)

My dear sy surprised me with a bouquet of sunflowers, isn't it gorgeous? :) she's my best friend, really happy that I've got the chance to work with her in the same place! These memories will always stay deep in my heart!

Vince 'desperate' to propose to his ladies...but alamak seems like he's not very successful! hahah

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