Wednesday, September 29, 2004

lovely hebe

met up with my dear sy yesterday after work...we were not very hungry so we just went to ya kun kaya toast for a 'supposedly' light snack! See the pic...not that light after all huh? hahha...but it was yummy...that I must agree :)

After that...we went to Orange julius for a while..just sat down and chat...I had a mango fruit drink, not too bad, sy says the orange pineapple is good, next time must try that... after talking and talking, I felt like playing with sy's dog, so we proceeded to her place, as funny as always, she never lets me go up to her place...she just says wait downstairs, i'll bring the dog down...funny girl right...haaaaaaaaai...

to compensate, luckily her dear dog, hebe is damn cute! hahahhaha we took lots of photos with her, letting her pose, taking her with her mummy. She's so photogenic huh? :) A very obedient and loyal dog, follow her mistress everywhere, never letting sy out of her sight, sleeps with her at night too, cuddles up to sy, so sweeeeet!

Hi 5 Hebe!

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