Sunday, September 26, 2004

Life @ the club

Returning to SAFYC

Life after leaving SAFYC was a little 'weird', a little out of routine, you don't have to wake up early no more annoying alarm ringings...hahhaha

I returned to the club on the 18th as there was a carnival held there, national swimmers, students & professors attempted to swim from Batam all the way to the Changi clubhouse, a very confident endeavour! The event successfully ended in the evening followed by lots of games by the pool and shoppers browsing through the bazaar stalls! I bought a Rave tangkini, purple in colour with pink flowers, sweet :)

Colleagues fooling around with the Countdown poster POSE! hahahha

sy and me at the membership booth, promoting memberships..felt like I was still working there!

Posing with the hunks of sg island :)

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